Thursday, January 28

Toilet Paper Roll Album

I have been working on a toilet paper roll album. I had a friend in one of my Yahoo Groups share the link to a youtube video with me for this very cool idea and I just KNEW I had to try it! I turned mine into a 9month journal of my pregnancy. I still haven't finished adding all the details and pics, but I better hurry. Baby is scheduled to come Monday!! :)

I used a shaker box 3D sticker on the front cover. I have no idea what line it is, it was a goodie from my step-mom. The paper I used came from Michaels. It is 2 separate double sided coordinating sheets. One is striped on one side and solid pink on the other. Though there is a textured look to it even though it's flat. The other sheet is the same solid pink on one side but rose colored circles on the flip side. The album is tied with a sheer rose ribbon. I used the same ribbon as pulls on the tags. I finished off the cover with white Alphabities to spell the new babies name-to-be and coordinating mini gemstones that caused me major headaches gluing down....but aren't they cute???

The 2nd and 3rd page detail the first two months. The calendar stickers came in a sheet from Hobby Lobby. In month one, I detailed finding out about the baby coming and the tag shows the date. The tags are cut with a Sizzix die. The second month details the first sono we had showing everything was growing right on schedule. I included the actual sono printout on the tag. Each tag pulls out from the inside of each roll.
Month three, I journaled about my cravings and the pull out tag I used to tell a short quote from each of my other kids when they found out about the baby coming. Month four shows the second sonogram we had done around 12 weeks and journals all about that experience.
Month five's tag shows the 'big sonogram' and I of course had to document that it was a girl!!! Month six, I shared the names we were tossing around. The tag journals about my favorite maternity clothes.

Month seven has a photo mat where I intend to put a photo of my baby bump. We had a camera, but just recently got a new computer so I haven't had a chance to print one I took around Thanksgiving out. The journaling tag talks about my gestational diabetes diagnosis. Month eight we switched the kid's bedrooms around. Moved my 10 year old son into the smaller bedroom so that my five year old daughter and the new baby can share the bigger room. On the pull out tag, I intend to put a photo of the baby's side of the room.

The last photo I have to share shows month nine. It has a photo mat on the tag as well as the page. I hope to put at least one photo from my shower on one and hopefully another on the other. Maybe one will be a list of guests? The right side of the photo is actually the front of the album again, but showing the tag that pulls out. It will show a picture of baby Allie when she finally makes her debut!!

To check out the original tutorial click HERE. She has lots of great videos, so take a minute to look around there =)

Thursday, January 7

Christmas 2009

I tried to narrow down my favorite photos from the kids Christmas morning to only one page. It is a landscape digi layout for my slideshow I am working on. It was designed as a way to show off all my pictures in a digi frame without having to sit through 1000s of photos to get close to seeing most of them. :) Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 1

...and I'm back (with a card to share)

I only have a few projects to show off since I've been MIA, but I'll try to stagger them so as to not blow up anyone's subscription pages. LOL. First an update. We have been without a working home computer for a month and a half. Our LCD screen in the laptop went out, and my hubby has been having a hard time settling on just what model he wanted to replace it with. You all know I would have been out at the store, credit card in hand, the day after it broke! He finally took me to buy one today and I am sure I'll be getting very little sleep tonight because all I want is to play with it!!!

The first thing I want to share are the thank you cards I made for my family who attended my shower and showered me and the new baby-to-be with so many lovely things. The shower and striped paper came from Michael's, the pink and white cardstock I just had on hand and the stamp is from Joanns (it's a rubber stamp). I really wish I could find the original tutorial for making this kind of card, but basically it is as follows:

*Cut the base cardstock (shown pink here) to 4.25" x 8". Score at 3" down the long side.

*Decorate it according to your design (I added coordinating shower paper just a hair smaller than the base.

*Cut another base (mine is also pink) to 7" x 3". Score the 7" length in half (so at 3.5")

*Decorate as you wish (I added a white paper and stamped a sentiment in pink).

*Adhere the small card (so that it opens towards the larger base's flap) to the inside of the base card.

Thanks for looking.