Tuesday, December 13

Day 9: Lace Flowers

Holy blurry video Batman!  My camera really struggled with finding the spot to focus on with the white on white.  I promise to work on getting better at this whole video thing.  :)

This flower can actual be made with most any kind of fun trim, try out your fav!  And don't forget to keep checking back!!

Monday, December 12

Eighth Day of Flowers

This is such a fun flower.  It can be made in so many designs if you buy white liners and dye/mist them or buy any of the variety of patterns/colors available in the baking section of most stores.  In fact I JUST found some awesome red and green foil liners that I am totally going to try this with next!

Elf-capades part 2

...the adventure continues...

If you missed the first post about Buddy, check it out HERE, and then head back here to see what Buddy has been up to since we last left off.

Day 6: Mountain climbing on the advent calendar.

Day 7: Reading the Rainbow Fish.

Day 8: Taking the Barbie-mobile out for a cruise...let's hope she's insured.

Day 9: Norad??  Just how did Buddy get the wifi password?!?!

Day 10: Checking to make sure the kid's stockings have plenty of room for coal.

Day 11: Helping out Mom by doing a few dishes.

Day 12: Having a sip of tea in Katie's 'kitchen'.

Day 13: Buddy's gonna wind up on the naughty list if he doesn't 
             steer clear of mama's Stickles and chipboard stash!!!!!

Sunday, December 11

Flower #7

We can now return to our regularly scheduled crafting!!!  :)  Thank you to everyone who saw my post on FB and sent their best wishes.  We had a terrible week and unfortunately it prevented me from even checking in online, much less uploading my tutorials I worked so hard on.  Monday the baby kept getting sicker and sicker and by that evening was at the ER with dehydration and a kidney infection, which isn't all that common in little ones, but something we've dealt with her and her sister so we were prepared.  She also got a secondary stomach flu which wasn't related, but only making the dehydration worse.  Wednesday hubby had to go in for a routine surgery and after a weekend of recouping is doing 100% better.  Wish I could have said the same for the rest of us.  1yr olds are notorious for not wanting to share their toys, but their gastrointestinal flu??  SUPER GENEROUS!!!  My 7yr old came home early from school Thursday after getting sick in class, I followed, and my 11yr soon after.  All 4 people over the age of diapers in the house laid out and a 1yr old ruling the roost made for an interesting week/weekend.  So thank you all for the well wishes and the understanding.  I'm still going to be posting the remaining flowers because I am still so excited about them!!  :) :)

Today we are going to be making one of my new favorites.  You can totally change the look depending on the fabric/colors you use.  Any synthetic fiber like tulle, satin, organza, etc work.  Here is the one I made:

Tuesday, December 6

Day 6 - Fan Fold Flower

This idea is not new.  I see these EVERYWHERE!!!!  Not just being used as flowers, but on a bigger scale too.  They are super easy and so fun.  Make sure you email or comment with any questions and keep commenting and checking back!!!

Monday, December 5

Day 5 - Ribbon flower

This is one of the most simple flowers and I could easily knock out 1 every 3mins or so.  They can have such a different look depending on the ribbon you choose to use!!  Please email or comment with any questions and don't forget to keep commenting and letting me know what you think of each tutorial.

Also, after shooting several video's I realized my camera batteries were dying so the picture of the finished product is a little blurry, but it's super duper cute so that's okay!

Sunday, December 4

Day 4 - Easy Peasy Carnation

I'm sure this could easily pass for several other flowers, but I used it as a carnation, so we'll call it that.  I will say I used scalloped circles that were 2" in diameter because it gave me the flower size I wanted, but you can easily make it bigger if you'd like!!!

Email or comment with any questions and don't forget to check back each day for a new tutorial!!!  If you felt froggy, please share it with your friends.  Post it on FB, twitter, add a short sentence/link to a blog post.  Anyway you can help get the word of the 12 flowers of Christmas out and I'd be so super grateful.  :)

Saturday, December 3

Day 3... MIGHT be my favorite

I made this flower a few weeks ago for a ballerina themed princessy project and fell in love with it because the tulle gives it such a tutu look.  So this is being called the Tutu Flower.  Now don't forget if you have any questions, just shoot me an email or comment and I will get back to you.  ...and make sure you keep checking back!!

*several spots I got pretty chatty and you made need to pause to read all the text*

Friday, December 2

On the 2nd day of Christmas....

Oh yes, it's another flower tutorial!!  This one was a little more trial and error, and then one little tidbit stirred an entire 'Aha moment'!!!  When you are snipping along each circle following along with the video, make sure you cut an even number of slits.  It will make the finished product look nicer and make the making easier.  You will figure out just why when you get to the spreading the very last 'fringe' and think, "well ooops...is this supposed to go up or down"  LOL.

This flower was inspired by a LaLaLoopsy card I created for my daughter.  They are little rag doll inspired baby dolls that she absolutely is gaga over.

You can comment or email me with any questions you may have after watching the video and I will answer back here (or respond via email when possible).  Stay tuned tomorrow for a flower fit for a princess!! :)

Thursday, December 1

On the 1st Day of Christmas....

♪♫ how does that song go again???  I'm sure it given enough brain power and eggnog, I could belt out every verse, but since we are about the business of scrappin' here (and I've been requested more than once by my children to never sing...never), I've decided to replace the lords a'leaping with lots o' flowers!!!  And we aren't going to wait until Christmas to kick start the fun!!!

Starting today, through the 12th, I am going to do a flower tutorial every single day.  Not all of the ideas are uniquely my own.  Some are flowers I've found on layouts that I just had to figure out how to recreate, some are tutorials that have been floating around blogdom.  Either way, if you check back here daily....or better yet click that little follow button to the right....you will find a fun new flower you can make to pretty up your paper crafting.

If you have any questions on this tutorial or any future ones I post, please ask me a question in the comments and I will come back and add the answer.  Or you can email me (see the 'about me' page above) and I'll respond directly.  Up first is a fantastic flower if you are looking for something with lots of dimension yet very little added height.  PERFECT for scrapbook pages.  The video shares lots of detail, but I will tell you this will work with ANY 5-6 petal flower that you can get 3 various sizes of blooms cut.  Diecuts, punches, machine cut, etc.  I chose to use the flower on the George and Basic shapes Cricut cart, because it's a resource available to lots of my readers.  You will need 2 of each size (3 sizes means six blooms total), but all of that is detailed after just hit the play button below: