Monday, January 31

She's ALIVE!!!!!

I bet you all were starting to wonder.  Well at least those of you who come by often enough to know I haven't posted in months.  Things went downhill and fast around here and I became very overwhelmed.  My son caught mono which in and of itself isn't terribly dangerous.  One of the less common complications involve swelling of the spleen and his nearly ruptured which meant nearly a month of home schooling and doctor's until he was able to get back to 'light duty'.  Then it seemed Christmas was barraling in on me and within a month my son turning 11 and the baby turning 1 (which will happen in just an hour at the stroke of midnight!!!!!).  I spent so much time focusing on getting my son well and also keeping him from falling behind at school that my house fell into absolute disarray.  So that has taken priority at the moment and cut into not only my crafting time, but time playing online beyond what I can do from my cell. 

I am challenging myself to start somewhere and that's going to be with scrapbooking.  I have missed it terribly.  So I am going to try to commit to completing 2-3 layouts a month for now until things calm down and I can refocus on that 'me' time.  My most amazing friend, Faye has taken over running Scrap It With a Song and has made some fabulous changes and it's well on it's way to being gloriously inspiring.  I can't wait until I am back able to play along with the fun she's cooking up over there! 

I have nothing crafty to share with you today, but I hope that my update sees all of you well and happy!