Monday, January 9


After THREE WEEKS of back and forth, I'm back!!!!  I received a notice that my account was locked because of suspected spamming and the email they have on file for me is an outdated one so there's been a lot of hoop jumping going on behind the scenes here.  I was able to check my blog since it's public and never saw anything off so I'm assuming whoever hacked my account was posting spammy comments to others.  If that happened, I am terribly sorry.  I guess I should feel lucky they didn't delete my blog altogether.

I'm going to begin the process of catching up on the blogs I love (I couldn't even log in to access my favs I follow) and also figuring out where I left off with my flower tutorials.  I have a package of handmade flowers all ready to share their secrets!!  :)   Once I kick this nasty bronchitis I'm going to try to get crafty...stay tuned!