Monday, December 12

Elf-capades part 2

...the adventure continues...

If you missed the first post about Buddy, check it out HERE, and then head back here to see what Buddy has been up to since we last left off.

Day 6: Mountain climbing on the advent calendar.

Day 7: Reading the Rainbow Fish.

Day 8: Taking the Barbie-mobile out for a cruise...let's hope she's insured.

Day 9: Norad??  Just how did Buddy get the wifi password?!?!

Day 10: Checking to make sure the kid's stockings have plenty of room for coal.

Day 11: Helping out Mom by doing a few dishes.

Day 12: Having a sip of tea in Katie's 'kitchen'.

Day 13: Buddy's gonna wind up on the naughty list if he doesn't 
             steer clear of mama's Stickles and chipboard stash!!!!!

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  1. is this elf trend new? lol....I have been seeing them everywhere!


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