Thursday, September 18

Another sketch challenge...YAY!!!

One of my favorite sketch blogs is Sketches! {by tamara}. I always end up with some of my favorite layouts following her sketches. The layout is done featuring two family photos almost 10 years old. The day after my wedding, we took the opportunity to take a family photo while everyone was in town. My grandparents, their 6 children with their spouses and 8 of the 9 grandkids. My youngest cousin wasn't born yet and of course we've added even more spouses and great-grandchildren to the mix since then. To give this sketch a whirl yourself, visit HERE.


  1. How sweet is that? I don't have photos of both sides of my family and this makes me wish I did. Good job on our VC challenges.

  2. LOL..this isn't even both sides. This is just my dad's side. My grandparents, my dad and his siblings and my first cousins. We are just a really big family. LOL


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