Sunday, February 22

Halloween Layout and an update

It's been a rough rough week here. My 9 year old had part 1 of his oral surgery on Wednesday and it went great. They prepared me for how badly he'd be feeling and how to ward off bad side effects, but within 15 hours he was chomping on chicken nuggets and french fries! LOL. He's recovered just fine, needless to say!

Thursday I woke up and promptly got sick everywhere. Before I had time to really figure out WHY I could be feeling like death, my 4 year old daughter started getting sick. Thank GOODNESS she's learned to make it to the bathroom to throw up. At least that room can be hosed down. LOL. By the evening I had spent 5 minutes of every 20 praying to the toilet that it would stop ALL day!

I must have passed out at some point in the early evening and my daughter, bless her heart, was smart enough to call Daddy for help. He rushed home and rushed me to the ER. I spent all night at the ER with IVs for fluids and a shot in the bum to help with nausea. By Friday morning I was able to keep fluids down so they let me go home. My daughter was released Thursday night after only a few hours. I am still not feeling 100% and haven't been able to keep food down, but liquids are fine. I am feeling decent so long as I stay DOWN. Trying to stand is a mistake.

Two things I learned from this experience? 1. ALWAYS keep your toilet clean because you never know when you will spend all day resting your face on it! 2. Just because you have nothing left to throw up doesn't mean you won't keep doing it! =( Turns out it was just a really bad virus, and of course it just needs to run it's course. The dehydration was the main issue. But I think I'm on the road to recovery. My daughter seems to have already made it.

One good thing about being stuck laying in bed all day, is I was able to do some digi scrapping on my laptop. Yay! How about a challenge to use 5 or more patterns. Here is my take and boy was it HARD!!!! I gave it a try though :)
It's a digi page made on My 5 patterns were: 1. spiderweb background paper, 2. pumpkin ribbon on the top right, 3. yellow pumpkin ribbon on botton left, 4. striped strip of paper on the right, 5. the paper behind the photo. It is a red streaked patterned paper I put orange vellum overlay over to get just the shade I wanted.
Thanks for looking =) It was a hard challenge to put 5 patterns (papers, ribbons, embellies, etc) on ONE page....but it was fun. Give it a try!!! And if you do leave me your link in a comment. I'd love to come see it!


  1. Fabulous L/O Christina and what an adorable photo

  2. Very cute layout! (Me an Halloween... we're tight! *laugh*) Really, I like it, and it's not just 'cause I'm partial to Halloween. Honest! Great job with the five patterns!

  3. Hope you and your daughter are feeling much better now Christina.

  4. Wow, what a week you've had. I hope you are back to 100% very soon!

    Very cute layout. You did a great job with the 5 patterns.

  5. Love it! You did a great job- especially for having to do it all laying down!

    Hope everyone is back to normal real soon!

  6. that sounds horrible!! hope you're feeling much better now!


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