Saturday, May 15

You are my sunshine

I absolutely love it when my scrappy fellow bloggers share an award with me. It totally brightens my day everytime someone visits my blog much less when they take the time to comment. Part of the catch with this award is to pass it along to 12 other people. So this go-round I'm gonna pass this along to the last 12 blogs I visited since they brightened my (middle of the) night tonight while my own baby sunshine has vetoed the idea of sleeping at night. :) :) :)

First...thank you Denise for including me in this fun. xoxo

Now onto business, if the following ladies would like to display this badge loud and proud...go for it. If you want to post and pass it on, even better. Truly if you just read this and smile knowing you were thought of....that's a-ok by me too!!!

  1. Liz

To add this to your blog just right click
and save then upload it to your
post or post it up in your sidebar :)


  1. oh thank you so much. and I need some sunshine today.

  2. So sweet! Thanks for adding a little sunshine to my day!


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