Monday, June 11

Father's Day Coupon Book

This week over at Paper Hoarders, our theme is Father's Day.  There was also an optional sketch you can follow.  I started off with the sketch as you can tell from the tag shape I kicked off the project with, but along the embellishment path, I strayed a bit.  :)

For Father's Day this year, the kiddos and I decided to give hubby a coupon book.  So we picked some of his most hated chores and gave him a get out of it free coupon.  Also a few coupons for his favorite things to do.  I got a little corny and made little rhymes for each coupon, I'll share them at the end of this post, but warning they are super corny!  LOL.  :)

Thanks for always making sure we have clean dishes.  
You having a break from them is just one of our wishes.

It doesn’t take much of a genius to do the math.
It’s been too long, let us give your car a bath.

When you have three kids, sleep’s something you lose.
How about a nice long afternoon snooze?

Most nights you only get one fifth of a vote.
Tonight you can control all of the remote.

Not every recipe can be a grand prize winner.
So tonight you pick our dessert and dinner.

Fun times always seem to find their way,
This afternoon we want you to plan our day.

We know that cleaning dishes is your least favorite chore.
Let us do them for you just once more.  

They say that eight hours is prime.
Tonight you choose everyone’s bedtime.

As far as dads go, you da man.
Call us your butlers, you wish is our command.

Comedy, action, sports or a good fright.
Anything goes for Dad’s choice movie night.


  1. I TOTALLY love the lil sayings!! He will surely love this!!! Thank you for being a Paper Hoarder!!


  2. I love this idea! What a great way to make his father's day special! Your rhymes aren't corny...I love em! Beautiful cover too! Glad to be a part of PH with you! :)

    Bug hugs,

  3. This is really cute!! What a great idea!

  4. What a clever project - very unique and charming! TFS!

  5. This coupon book is really cute.....I love it and I'm sure so will "Daddy"...
    Robin Suzanne Mack Boeder

  6. I loveeeeeeee this!! I love love love love the rhymes!! So AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Such a CUTE idea! LOVE it!!!


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