Thursday, January 3

Less than Perfect

Hey bloggy friends.  What do you do when you have an important memory you want to preserve forever (or at least as long as paper lasts!) but the only photos you have from the moment were less than perfect?  Well that is just the challenge posted over at Let's Get Sketchy this week.  Here are some of the most dreaded examples I had to deal with from a week with my family:

  1. Unsightly photobombs (when someone inadvertently, or sometimes intentionally makes a front and center appearance in a photo while you are trying to capture someone or something else.
  2. Less than ideal lighting leading to under or over exposure.
  3. Poor resolution because all you had at the moment was your crappy camera phone.
  4. Mistake in the settings on your camera when trying to snap a quick picture.
  5. Accidentally overcropping or poorly editing the original on your computer...DOH!
I'm sure there are many more, but those are just a few of the troubles I encountered when going through a the 1000+ pictures from our week-long family reunion.  It was impromptu gathering due to a death in the family, but there were so many lovely memories from us being all in one place at one time that I couldn't pass up the chance to scrapbook my favorites.  Unfortunately most of my favorites were less than ideal printing quality, but in all fairness...we had other things on our mind than proper composition.  ♥  So I just picked my favorites and got started the best I could.  

My main solution was to print them wallet sized so that I could make the resolution problems less noticeable.  Then I cropped them all into even sized squares so that I could remove any unwanted visuals from the view.  Then it occurred to me that a pile of square pictures would make a perfect start for a grid style layout I'd been wanting to try.  I was also able to overlap a few embellishments over parts of a picture I wanted hidden.  And there you have it!  

Almost all of this is the uber gorgeous Glitz 'Dance in Sunshine' line.
The Memory LN sign & heart are Graphically Speaking Cricut Cart
The Flower is Prima.
The hat pins are handmade...*SWOON*.
The chipboard letters are by Thickers.

So what do you do when you really want to scrap a memory, but the only photos you have are less than perfect???  Do share.......

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  1. Fabulous job with the challenge! Love the grid design for your multi-pics! Thanks for joining us at LGS!

  2. Great Tips!! And such a pretty example you did a great job with this Challenge thanks for sharing with us at LGS.

  3. What a great layout! I like that you used several pictures and really like the grid! Thank you for playing along with us at LGS!

  4. Awesome job with the challenge! I love your grid layout! Thanks so much for joining us at Let's Get Sketchy!

  5. love, love, love a grid style layout, my fave and your is fab!! thanks for playing along with us at lgs!

  6. awesome job with the challenge, thanks so much for joining us at LGS!

  7. What a creative solution to your photo problems! And a cute layout to boot. Thanks for playing along with us at LGS!


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