Friday, March 8

Blog Overhaul

Any of you that may have visited my home here in blogdom, may have noticed that it's been having a bit of an identity crisis.  I've flipped, I've flopped.  I've gone sunshiney yellow (my personal fav color), I've gone black and white, hot pink and a whole rainbow of designs in between.  All I knew for sure was I wanted something pretty and colorful, yet soft and not too distracting.  That's quite the combo of ideals, huh?!  Well I think I found a happy middle ground that I am loving more and more each time I hit reload.

In the name of a good make-over I updated my headshot, reworked my bio (just click 'about me' in the link bar above) and added links just over there -----> where you can see where else I hang out in online.  I have 5000+ pins all neatly placed between dozens of OCD friendly boards that you can eyeball by clicking on the banner with the 'P' on it.  My online gallery is now hosted at 2Peas, but can still be found by clicking the flicker banner (someone needs to get on making a set of social media icons that includes a 2Peas button...just sayin'!) And for those that would like to play nice and make friends with a fellow paper-crafter, click the banner with a 'T' on it to be transported to my spot in Twitterverse.  As an added bonus, I gave my Twitter profile a matching facelift!

There is not much I enjoy more than sitting at a desk filled with beautiful patterned papers, rich tones of cardstock and awesome textured embellishments and being able to translate memories into keepsakes for the people that have given me all of my most prized memories.

So, with that said... I would LOVE your feedback on the new blog design I've put together.  How are the fonts and text colors to read?  Are the colors eye-catching enough?  Too overwhelming?  Images the right proportion?  And also, how does it display on other devices/broswers?  I have Chrome and it looked fine on my laptop and hubby's netbook that also runs Chrome, but would be curious if it looks a-ok across the board. The elements are all created from freebies found on Cutest Blog on the Block and credited to VNdigital art.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I think it looks AMAZING and I am LOVING your new profile pic!!!

  2. It looks awesome, mine needs a facelift too but i always stuff up and do something wrong, lol.

  3. Oh, I love it! I need to figure out how to add the p/f/t buttons! I just haven't taken the time to do it yet! Hugs, Katrina


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