Friday, January 3

School Memories

I told you I was determined to get back into my studio space in the next week and the baby steps didn't lead me astray!  It helps that our temps are forecast to start around -12 (actual temp...windchill is closer to -30...YIKES!) for the next few days and no one wants to get out in that nonsense.  So I told hubby I was locking myself up in this room until I had completed something.  And a little over 2 hours later...voila.

I'm still weeding through the pinterest boards of sketches that I've been curating inspite of my lack creating time the past 7 months and found this one from the New Year's release on Page Drafts blog.  Click on over to be transported to the rest of their awesome sketches.  Below is the one that inspired this layout.

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  1. It's how cold???????? I would We have a forecasted high tomorrow of 16 and a low of -3......what the heck? I live in the SOUTH!!!!!! Super cute page! I need a room that I can lock myself away in and scrap to my hearts content :)

  2. I love love love love this!! LOVING the colors and the flowers!! Stay warm... or better yet, come to Phoenix... it's been in the 70's all weekend :)


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