Thursday, April 10

Memory Nest part 2 ♥

I'm back with reveal #2 for The Memory Nest.  As a reminder, here is the color kit I was designing with this month:

I have created three additional layouts to share along with the original one I shared last week.  It's really amazing how far this kit stretched.  And I still have enough left for a project or two!! 

Now the first layout I just pieced together after researching grid styles for days.  I really struggle with that, but I wanted to try it none-the-less.  The second layout followed the sketch below by PageMaps and the last followed a sketch that I found on Pinterest that links back to photographer Kirsty Wiseman.  Not sure if she just shared it, or created it...but it was a keeper for sure!! 

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  1. Love all the layouts you created with this kit!! You really showed how much crafting can be done with it!!! Amazing!!! Thank you. xo

  2. Love love love these so much!! I pinned that first one off of MN's blog this AM :)

  3. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award:


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