Monday, October 20

A few layouts of the boy...

My son was starting to feel left out since the post of Easter layouts were all about his sister. So here are a few layouts all about my son and some great shots taken during his trip to South Florida with his grandparents.

The title for this layout was TOUGH to come up with. I searched everywhere for ideas and no luck. It's a photo of my son picking an orange from an orange tree in a family friend's yard while on vacation in Florida. Finally I thought of the OJ commercials and packaging you see that say 100% juice, not from concentrate and settled on making it 100% Boy ... not from concentrate. Not the most creative, but it works for me.

Ever hear the saying, "When the cat's away, the mouse will play"? What about, "What happens at Grandma's STAYS at Grandma's"? Well either is a good way to describe the next photo! While on vacation with my parents, my son was allowed to act a fool in restaurants it seems. LOL.

Last up is a photo of my son on his trip visiting a real live bee research institute. A family friend they stopped to visit works there and took them on a tour complete with dressing up in the bee suits and checking out an actually colony. The embellishments are painted wood pieces from Jo-Ann's and the title is simply made from Alphabities stickers on white squares, matted on black. It's a little dark and fuzzy because my digi camera batteries are dying, but I hope it gives some ideas to someone out there. I was beyond impressed with the selection of wooden pieces at Michael's and Jo-Ann's and they were fun to use in a layout. Try it out and if you do, leave a link to a photo album or blog post in the comments where I can see what you did with them. :)

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  1. I think the bee LO is my favorite of this group. What a neat trip and cute LO!


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