Tuesday, October 28

Stationary Box

The finished product is done....a stationary kit. It was no small fete since I'd never actually made a card before or a box or anything remotely crafty beyond a scrapbook page. I love how it turned out though. WHOO HOO!! Can we say...CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! One down...a zillion to go. LOL.

I saw a very cool stationary box online that I tried. I gave it my all and crashed and burned. LOL. Not quite as crafy as I thought. Well I decided to buy one of those regular brown craft boxes and cover it to match the cards I made. Well, wouldn't you know it...crashed and burned at that too! Then I found one of those gift boxes that a you can get to put a shirt in before you wrap it. I took it apart where it was glued and I figured out how it worked. I did the math and figured out how to make one fit my specifications. I used 2 coordinating My Mind's Eye Just Dreamy2 line pieces of cardstock so that the lid and bottom both coordinate, then I embellished the top with a frame from the set, a scrap of cardstock to match and red Alphabities.

I used the My Mind's Eye Just Dreamy 2 line of products for everything on the cards. Except the ribbon is 9mm Grosgrain from Jo-Ann's in Coral Rose and Navy Turquoise. Also the brads are just various colors from my personal stash. There are 8 cards in total. I simply cut them to be a total of 4"x7" after folding and embellishing, because that was the size of the blank envelopes I had sitting around. They are all different, but coordinate since they are from the same line.

I also altered a pen, mini legal pad, and printed her out 8 labels with her name and address. I made a graphic for the left side using a graphic of the paper line I found online. Thank you very much Google. I just inserted that into the label template in Works for the labels I had on hand. I will add 8 stamps before giving it to her and voila.....stationary set! I will post a tutorial on how I did the pen and legal pad shortly. They were uber simple and a great idea for those wanting to start trying to alter items. I hope to get the specifications up for the gift box asap too.


  1. Everything looks great Christina! Nice work!!

  2. Turned out great, Christina! If I am not completely sick of the boxes when I am done, I'll send you one that is cut and scored...LOL


  3. Oh, I love the coordinating cards. What a fun size...and line of patterned papers!! Great job!


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