Tuesday, November 18

Drowning in Christmas cheer

I am still working on Christmas cards and I am still following the bright idea of making them all different. I have received tons of great advice on how to streamline the process to make it more of a mass production and still have them be handmade with my style and I am going to do that as soon as I finish up the 20 I started. I have 75 total. Though if you are on my Christmas card list and you get a store-bought card, you'll know I failed. LOL.

My reason for them all being different is I'm trying to just use up the cardstock, ribbons and embellishments that I have on hand that are leftovers or just never used before I go out and purchase pieces. I have also recycled a few Christmas cards from years past. Hacking them up for parts and then creating pieces with those parts.

Here are a few of the cards I worked on tonight that are my favorites. The first one photographed funky. It's a solid red on the left, but since it's that metallic paper you can see the reflection of whatever was next to me while taking the pic.

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  1. I love your cards!!! you have done a great job of using up supplies!!!


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