Wednesday, November 19

Holy macaroni I'm done!!!!

You all remember how you all told me I was crazy for making all my cards different? Well turns out you were right and I admit it. LOL. I ran out of embellishments after 16 cards and decided if I was going to have to buy more then I was following the brilliant advice of making them all the same basic template and just switching the colors around. Here are the last cards. There are 2-3 more styles but my camera just died, so sharing will have to be later. There are 8 of every style. I should have probably used patterned paper but I went with colored cardstock because it's what I had plenty of on hand.

I went out and bought some really pretty glittery to/from tags from the store. Like $2 for 16 makes them tons cheaper than any embellishment from a craft store! These have to/from on the back, but once they are stuck no one will know. They are like 2.5x3 inches. I just matted them twice and then used coordinating glitter dust paper for the perpendicular strip. The glitter dust paper has the same texture of glitter as what is on the little pictures.
On the last one I wanted to follow the same basic idea, but I decided to triple mat it with the middle mat bigger so I could try some patterned paper. Well I couldn't find any to match and got the bright idea that I could emboss it somehow and if all else failed it'd be a great chance to complain to my husband that I NEED that cuddlebug! LOL. Well my daughter had these fashion plate things that you put the paper on and then color over. It's supposed to give texture to the outfit designs you create. Well a white colored pencil over the swirly plate and this is what I ended up with. I like it fine enough, but shhhhh don't tell DH. I'm still working the guilt trip angle. LOL.


  1. Super cute cards, Christina!! I must say that I am ultimately impressed with not only the fact that you're just getting into cardmaking, but that you've already finished Christmas cards!!! You go, Girl!!

  2. Brilliant idea using the tags! They turned out wonderful! Great job :)


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