Friday, January 23

A fun little tag for a fun picture =)

I was tagged!!!! Twice actually =) By Cathy and Amy. In this fun little tag, you need to go to the 6th folder of your pictures and select the 6th photo and show it off then explain it a bit.

The 6th folder in my pictures is labeled 'Wedding' and it's my parents wedding pictures. Now I should explain a bit because the picture is of my kids and most would say, how were your kids at your parents wedding. Well, it's actually my father FINALLY marrying my step-mother after over a decade. So they truly have been my parents, regardless of their marital status. Just a clarification ;)

The 6th photo is one of my favorites that I'd forgotten all about! My son (8) was the best man and stood up (getting past debilitating stage fright at first) and delivered a heart warming speech about his 'Pappy' and 'Noni'. Then Katie (my 4 year old daughter) prompty took the mic and announced that it was time for everyone to have some toast! This picture was snapped with her little chocolate covered smirk at a job well done and my dad reaching in to grab the mic and my son covering his face in complete and utter embarrassment. LOL

If anyone wants to give this a try (come on it was FUN!!!!) consider yourself tagged!!! Make sure you come back and leave me a comment that you posted so I can come by and see =)


  1. What a cute pic and a great story to go along with it. Have you scrapped it yet?? Thanks for playing along.

    Amy Ü

  2. Christina I love your picture and your little girl grabbing the mic! What a "kodak" moment. Great story!

  3. Oh, so adorable! that is a great story. btw, Your kids are just beautiful.


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