Tuesday, January 27

Of course they're digi =)

Anytime you see a landscape layout on my blog I can almost guarantee it's digital. I have been working on my landscape digital album for almost 6 months now. It's getting there, but funny how scrapbooking is a never ending project. Everytime I THINK I'm caught up, Christmas sneaks up on me or one of those kids goes and has a birthday ;) LOL.

Here are three digi layouts I created for my DVD slideshow I've been putting together....stay tuned to see them scrapped for my paper/scissors album. These were both done on ScrapBlog.


  1. Wow-great layouts!Your kids are lovely too!Thanks for visiting my blog!Dei xx

  2. NO NO NO!
    You cant be slipping back over to the dark side!

    But they look great, of course!

  3. these pages are fantastic, they really caught my eye.

    Sarah x


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