Friday, March 27

12x12 here I come!!!

Whoo hoo!!!! I have made the transition! I have accomplished so much more than I usually do in a day. Once I got started I just couldn't stop.....12x12 ROCKS!!! I was really looking forward to being able to fit more photos into a single layout, but my first layouts I am sharing today (and next) have only one photo each, with the exception of one that has three, but that's okay. Baby steps right? :) Enjoy and let me know what you think of my move to 12x12!!

I had tons of photos of the kids playing in Crayola Land. Rather than scrap them all I asked the kids to look at the pictures and tell me some of the things they got to do in this jungle gym styled playground. Then I wrote each on a piece of paper and scattered it around like journaling confetti. It was a fun technique! You should try it! If you do link the pic or blog post in my comments so I can come see it :)

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