Saturday, April 18

Quick update

I have not disappeared completely. Just wanted to update all my great friends and family who have sent me comments, emails and phone calls to check on me. My surgery went well initially until 2 weeks out I was still in immense pain. A trip to the ER, a new surgeon and a slew of xrays have revealed a minor hairline fracture on my jaw. No doubt caused by the surgery as it was a known risk. I am healing and feeling better every day.

On top of THAT (as if it's not enought...right???), my computer crashed last week. We have McAfee installed and it never detected anything so I'm not entirely sure it was a virus and rather just user error of messing with important files. My husband DOES use the same laptop ya know ;) and he's done it before. LOL! We had to reformat the harddrive and start from scratch, but once I get my McAfee redownloaded and all my Windows and Internet Explorer stuff updated back to where they were (after reformatting they reinstalled the factory settings wich pulled my laptop back into '07 settings). files are all gone. Thank GOODNESS my pics were all backed up, but files, music, sketches, scrappy stuff...all gone. As are all of my favorites and I had a HUGE scrappy favs folder. So I'm open to any comments you can throw my way that list some of your favorite scrappy sites, sketch resources, and anything else you think I may be needing :)

Thanks all....I'll be back at em just as soon as I can manage to sit at my scrap table without getting loopy from pain meds or being in too much pain to focus on much. Thanks again for all the well wishes!! You all rock!



  1. So glad to hear you are on the mend but sorry to hear about your computer problems what a shame that you have lost somuch stuff hope you can update all your fave's soon.

    Lorraine x

  2. Come on Christina we are beginning to miss you :)
    Get better soon missy ok.

  3. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word..
    The fun starts tomorrow at 8
    Thanks again,

  4. Well hells bells woman! Are you sure Chuck didnt have something to do with that fracture?? LOL

    I sure hope you have a speedy recovery!


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