Sunday, April 5

Update on me =)

I set a post or two up in advance to auto-post so that I wouldn't be too behind. Be sure to check out the 100 challenges post HERE. Lots of good ideas to spark your creativity.

On Friday, I finally had my oral surgery. All four impacted wisdom teeth were removed along with one molar cracked from one of the wisdom teeth. Two of them had to be dug out of the jaw bone with some grinding technique that I didn't especially want the details of. I was doing great Friday. I was also 100% numb. Saturday the swelling got really bad and that was contributing to my pain I'm sure. I was blessed with an oral surgeon who was quite generous with the pain killers so I thought I'd be okay.

Today it seems to be the worst yet. I can manage to sit up in bed and type on the laptop (even though I'm barely forming a thought right) for about 2-3 hours after I get to take the two pain killers together (I have one I take every 4 hours and one every 8 hours). Other than that, I am in bed cuddling the Vicodin bottle and icepack crying. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm really hoping this is as bad as it gets.

No dry sockets yet, I have taken great precautions to prevent that from happening and I'm following the oral surgeon's instructions to the letter. Wish me happy healing and I can't wait until I can be back full force sharing my creations and enjoying catching up on all of yours!!!


  1. Oh, boy...this brings back memories. Though I don't think I had any of the grinding technique that you (and I) don't want to know about. I actually cringed when I read that. :-) Take care of yourself! Thankfully, like child birth, it is pain you forget. At least until someone reminds you of it on a blog post, lol!

  2. Hang in there, hon. I hope you feel much better tomorrow.


    P.S. I'm still praying for you. :D

  3. YIKES - you poor thing!! Unfortunately this is in my near future too so didn't read through al the gory details - hope you are feeling much better soon...
    {{{{HUGS}}} and xXx

  4. that doesn't sound nice! hope you're feeling better now!


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