Sunday, March 21

Swinging like a Monkey

I have had the DCWV paper pack 'Animal Crackers' for over a year and never got around to using it. The patterns are just so busy that I was scared to put them together on one page. Then about 2 months ago I was in my local Michael's and found the chipboard embellishment box for the DCWV line 'Safari Kids'. The animals looked exactly the same it just had a few more pinks in it so I picked it up. Then I headed to Joanns (I tend to hit all the stores when I make a shopping trip...LOL) and there on the clearance rack was ONE 'Safari Kids' paper stack and ONE 'Animal Crackers' chipboard embellishment kit. It was too good to be a coincidence so I snatched them up and finally sat down to give them a whirl. They all mix and match perfectly. For as nervous as I was about mixing so many patterns, I must say I LOVE how it turned out!!!

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