Monday, March 8

Young at Heart

I have been in the mood to scrapbook lately, but I've yet to master the art of keeping the baby occupied (happily) while I toil away at my scrap table. It's a bit easier with the laptop because I can just pull myself up to wherever she's playing and accomplish some digi scrapping. So far she lasts one whole layout before we take a play break! I followed a sketch from one of my very favorite sketchers, Julie Bonner. She has amazing sketches and even more amazing work so check her out here.

A few weeks ago we took the baby to the nursing home to visit her Great-Grandpa again. It was hard for me to visit there at first, because it was just a reminder that my Grandma wasn't here anymore. Seeing how happy the kids make him eased that pain right away :)

Below is the sketch I followed from Julie's blog, Starting Now. Clicking the link will take you to her blog, clicking the sketch will take you to the individual post.

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  1. What a photo to have of Allie wiht her Great Grandfather! Youre so fortunate as is Allie to have such a loving family. Congrats!


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