Saturday, April 17 Dad only better.

I was struggling to scrap this photo of my oldest and myself last Mother's Day. I loved it, but couldn't think of a title and I didn't want to just use a generic 'mom and me' title. When I asked my son's input, this is what he came up with. I nearly fell over laughing so I knew it was a keeper. I love that kid.

I created this layout of my favorite picture of my hubby with our daughter. It's not necessarily my favorite picture of each of them individually (we were on a hike so everyone was all sweaty) but I love that this picture shows off how much they look alike. It also fits so well to the challenge over at Secret Crafter: 'A Day Out'. I'm getting a little crazy with the faux stitching these days, but I just love the definition it gives and since I can't even sew on a button........ :)

I'm also going to sit down at my scrappy table and get a few more projects done this weekend so I may be back with a few more shares. Cards and paper/scissors layouts likely :) Stay tuned.....

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