Wednesday, September 8

My Wish For Allie

I absolutely adore the new challenge I found called Scrap That Baby. What a fun concept and perfect considering I just had a baby! The prompt this week is to create a top 10 list. I made a list of 10 wishes for Allie. I followed an AWESOME sketch from Liz Qualman that you just HAVE to check out. I am trying to learn to do the flourish/flower look and this sketch pushed me to try it....and I ended up with my favorite layout I've made in a LOOOOONNNGG time! Her sketch calls for 3 long photos, but I used one tall in it's place....hope that doesn't ruin the look, 'cause I like it! ;)

So while this layout ended up in my top 5 favs of all time, it was also almost the death of me!!! LMBO! I have come to the conclusion that I hate handwritten journaling. I normally print it on the computer, but have been trying to handwrite the more personal journaling for memory creating purposes. I hate my handwriting and after writing that long list out, and rewriting it multiple times when I screwed up, I have a very sore wrist still hours later.

Add to that the fact that I spent almost an HOUR freehanding that stinkin' butterfly! That's why I ended up with only one when I'd planned to do a small and a big. I have a butterfly die but it's the Cuttlebug 2step butterfly and it's just a little too bubbly looking for the type I was going for. I wanted a more realistic look.....of course I cut it out of pink glitter paper so I shot that all to heck! LOL...Maybe I should say I wanted a realistic SHAPED butterfly. I wanted one that ended up about 1.5 inches. Anyone have any ideas on who makes a die similar to the one I freehanded???

Well, without further is my wish for Allie in a layout:


  1. What? You have never seen pink glittery butterflies??? :) I love this one Christina! Even tho it's all pink!!! And I love, love, love the journal strips!!!

  2. Your page is stunning Christina, love that adorable photo of Allie.

    Thanks for playing along.

  3. Beautiful layout! The butterfly turned out awesome! :)

  4. Your layout is gorgeous girl. I love the idea of making a layout about your wishes for her. That would be a tough one to figure out exactly what to write! You rocked it :))

  5. Great work Christina! Love the soft colors :)

  6. Great LO Christina, I love it when I see people trying new things and are pleased with it :) Great flower cluster, and a great LO :)
    Thanks for linking this up for my blog candy question :)


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