Wednesday, September 15


I knew there was a reason she was my favorite cousin-in-law! Megan never ceases to crack me up with her musings. A few days ago she posted this OH SO YUMMY bloggity fun and shared it with me. First you have to tell your readers ten things you really REALLY like and then share it with 10 of your favorite bloggin' peeps.

10 things I looooove:
  1. Twix PB - Considering I don't much care for actual peanut butter, it's a little odd that I could eat my weight in Twix PB and Reese's!
  2. My kiddos - Not only do I love them because they are my kiddos, they are hands down the coolest people I know and I love filling my days with time spent with them. They never cease to entertain.
  3. Scrapbooking - Clearly we aren't here to discuss knitting....this is a scrappy blog after all! LOL
  4. Facebookin' - I should be ashamed by how much time I, a grown woman, spend on FB and FB mobile. Even worse, I can almost always be found spying on my farm making sure all my livestock and crops are behaving. :)
  5. Shopping - It can be the mall, online, Target or an outlet. I don't even need to buy a lot....I just love walking the aisles and checking out all the new stuff around. This excitement is greatly increased when we are talking about a scrappy store.
  6. My family - I have the best family. We laugh, we have a great time and most importantly...we are there for each other. They rock.
  7. The beach - Just blend me something that requires an umbrella in the glass and I could lounge on the beach all day, every day. Not the easiest of tasks when I live in Kansas, but being a Florida girl for so many years, I am always itching to make our vacation a sandy one.
  8. My cell phone - After I had Allie, my sweet sweet hubby bought me the new HTC Touch Pro2. To say this little 'thanks for giving birth to my 10lb baby present' made my day is an understatement. I never have this thing more than a arms reach away because it's my lifeline to those I love.
  9. My friends - I have some of the most awesome friends ever.....EVER!
  10. Organizing - More than the position of BEING organized, I absolutely am in my happiest place when I'm actively organizing something. On a regular basis I rearrange all my furniture or the kitchen cabinets. Mostly because my husband has kindly requested I stop rearranging his socks/underwear/PJs drawers LOL!
Now on to the tough part. Picking 10 of you lovely bloggers to share this blingy bit of awesome. I always try to pick a new list of 10, so this time I'll tag the last 10 blogs I visited:
  1. Megan (obviously, since she's the girly I got this from LOL)
  2. Holley - Holley's Blog
  3. Beatriz - Amazing Grace
  4. Tina - Bits and Scraps of My Life
  5. Kristie - Kreated by Kristie
  6. Denise - Lala's World
  7. Laurel - Laurel's Crafty Retreat
  8. Julie - life with the Tucker and Wolek clan
  9. Ana - My Scrapbook Addiction
  10. Liz - The Scrappiest
If you've been tagged and would like to share do so to your heart's content. :)


  1. congrats on the award and it was fun reading your list...I too am a organizer....cute cards and scrapbook pages here on your blog..have a sweet day...btw I am having a Verve stamps giveaway on my blog, check it out!

    enjoy *~*

  2. You are so sweet girl :) I love when friends of mine get these and I can read about all their dirty little secrets...LOL j/k!

  3. Your list gave me such a smile and big laugh. You really know how to prioritize your life, girl!
    You got it goin'.
    Sue S.


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