Tuesday, July 29

Following an 'Egg"-cellent Sketch

This is another landscape digi layout. We took my daughter to the park for the city wide egg hunt and she got to sit on a real fire truck. She was very excited about that. Meeting the Easter Bunny?? Not so much. My husband barely got the shot off before I nearly dropped her from her nails clawing into me to escape. Hahahaha.

The layout itself was one of my first digi layouts. I struggled a bit. I was following the sketch below and trying to duplicate the ribbon on the left was hard with limited supplies. I ended up just using two of the buckled ribbon and trying to place it in a way that concealed as much of the bottom buckle as possible. I really enjoyed following the sketch. It made a big difference. I had to boot the journaling from the sketch because it didn't fit in the layout size I was doing.

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