Friday, July 25

Vacation Photos part 2

For my dad's 50th birthday we spent the day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The color combos on these two layouts isn't really my favorite, but I was ready to shake it up some. I did a lot of altering and layering the items here. I liked the flowers, but the centers didn't match. So...I covered them with buttons that went with the set. I also layered most of the buttons with other smaller buttons.

I loved the background used for this layout. My dad is an engineer and a tool addict so I loved the gritty, graph paper, workshop-y feel of this layout. Hard edges, torn pieces, stencil stamping, random paint swipes rather than ribbon. It all added to the effect that was exactly what I was going for.

1 comment:

  1. love your scrap work! really beautiful. i don't do scrap booking, I think I do not have the patience for it.
    best regards from switzerland!


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