Wednesday, July 23

Happily Ever After

This is the front page of a 6 page digital scrapbook I put together of the wedding. All the pages are from the same set, but I used a variety of items in a variety of ways to try and make them each unique. On this page I decided to use the lyrics to 'their song' rather than journaling. I'm not too wild about the flowers, but that's what went. Those still may get booted if I find something better.

The journaling here says, "The week before Rick and Alisa (my parents) got married, we spent the week exploring Kansas City with friends." Darn that I see I forgot the comma. Oh well. Alisa's best friends from several different states came into town to celebrate the big day with us, so we took them out and about the city to see the sights before and after the wedding day. I did follow a sketch on this layout, but can't seem to place it now.

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