Wednesday, July 23

Happily Ever After (part 2)

I really loved the blue in this set, as I'm sure you can see. The varied hearts were also among my favorite pieces. These were just misc photos from the ceremony. I used the arrows to show the order the photos were to be viewed in, but is now occurring to me that I mixed up the order of the third and fourth picture. I should be worried about it, but I was cheating anyway. LOL. I needed a photo of my dad greeting my children who were the best man and flower girl and couldn't find one. So I used a photo taken just after the ceremony.

These were all misc photos from the ceremony with my dad and Alisa's friends. I threw in there a picture of my kids making a speech because it went with the photo of Alisa's friend, Blake, making a speech.

The beautiful cake my Aunt Peggy made was absolutely delish. It deserved it's own page. LOL. The colors I used on the layouts don't go with the colors or theme of the wedding at all, but I am hoping it doesn't clash too terribly much. The wedding was a tropical, beachy theme.

The last page of the wedding layouts had a whole lot of photos crammed in. I thought about splitting them up into another 2 layouts, but on the actual page, it's at least twice the size as it's shown here and all the photos show just fine. These are mostly photos of family that attended the wedding. All one family from one side...there are a whole lot of us. LOL.

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