Monday, August 18

A different Disney

Being a Florida girl, I have done the Disney thing more than my fair share and I have the layouts to prove it. I've done Mickey themed layouts to death so I wanted to try something different with this set. I didn't do anything Disney themed, just picked a color combo and went with it. All 3 were based on page maps.

It was hard finding a color combo that complimented the photos because there are so many photos and so many people wearing so many different tones. So I just said forget it and picked a random combo I'd been wanting to try. Creme, brown and maroon. I like how they ended up and I'm glad I was able to do three distint layouts using all the same colors.


  1. I love your Disney LO's! very nice :)

  2. I absolutely love your Disney LO! Very cute...can't wait to see more!



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