Wednesday, August 13


I just recreated one of my favorite layouts. I used the sketch above I made based on a layout I'd seen in a friend's layouts. She used it to display funny sayings her child had said as a little kid. I took a picture of my kids and used the title word 'SIBLINGS'. I then used each journal strip to show a quote about siblings. They alternate beween brother and sister quotes. Some of my favorites are: "When parents don't understand, a brother always will." "Being a brother is even better than being a superhero." and "Your sister knows when you've been bad or good."

I bought a HUGE pastel page kit at Walmart. They had it for $19.99 and it was said to be valued at $120. I kept passing on it because I like pastels, but there was enough to make an entire album worth of layouts and I didn't know if I liked pastels THAT much. Well, when they clearanced it out to $4, of course I snapped it up. I've used quite a bit of it for spring swaps I worked on the past few months, but there is still more to go around. I don't know if I have many more pastel layouts in me. LOL. It seriously came with 50+ pages, 100s of stickers, chipboard pieces, titles, diecuts, 3D embellishments, etc. Despite the fact that I'm not terribly impressed by pastels in my layouts, this is one of my very favorites because I've never done anything quite like it. I loved it so much I had to make this duplicate layout twice. One for each kid's album.

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