Wednesday, August 20

A shaker box and a title to share

I finished this last Thursday, but wasn't sure I was going to share at all. It took me 2 hours to make 3 shaker boxes for a contest being hosted on my scrapbooking group, Scrapbook Swap n Crop. I don't know why I struggled so much. Leaving out the rant as to why I need a Cricut or a Cuttlebug, I will point out how much easier it would be if I could make a diecut with a punch out of the middle when making these kinds of things. Everytime I mention this, I do indeed direct my hubby to this blog and hope at some point the hint sticks. LOL.

Anyway, here is my favorite of the shaker boxes I made for this contest. If you are from my group....don't read until after Sunday, it's supposed to be anonymous. LOL I used a 3D diecut from a set I purchased at the dollar store for the candle. The cupcake paper (bottom part) is cut from a pink striped piece of cardstock. The cupcake itself, I freehand cut from a piece of white diamond dust cardstock. I punched out the center in the size of the square birthday sticker I was going to display underneath. Pink glitter and beads complete the 'shaker' part of the box.

Another group I belong to, Scrapbook Bingo is hosting an A-Z title swap. Everyone got a letter and has to create 26 titles starting with that letter to swap with everyone else. End result is you get one title for every letter of the alphabet after trading. I picked "M" and settled on "Make a Wish". I have never made anything quite like this so I hope it's up to par with the awesome work I've seen made in that group.
The title is printed on a blue piece of cardstock. It is matted in green and then again in purple. It is attatched at the right side with 2 purple brads. On the left, I have embellished it with a simple shaker box. The paper inside the box has "Happy Birthday" written all over it in purple, green and blue. It is framed in purple and filled with itty bitty beads. I finished it off with green chalking around all of the edges and a birthday sticker in coordinating colors on the corner of the shaker box. If you are in the swap and don't want the surprise ruined....don't scroll down. LOL.


  1. Christina,
    Love the shakers...especially the cupcake! Very cute. I wish I was brave enough to try making them.
    Maybe a tutoral? Thanks for sharing!


  2. I wish I could. LOL. I completely freehanded them. It is by pure dumb luck that the finished product looks at all like a cupcake. LOL.

  3. oh! that cupcake shaker is adorable! I might have to "steal" it! LOL
    The title looks great, too!

  4. OMG! I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEE this- so cute- wow- very talented!


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