Friday, August 29

Making the most of your vacation

How often do you go on a vacation that you know will inspire an awesome scrapbook one day only to sit down lost in a pile of pictures? Here's hoping these tips help you stay organized and help you create memorable layouts.

Before your trip plan ahead. Buy a spiral journal style notebook and stick a paper clip on the top or side of each page. Paper clip a handful of ziplocs in the back. Then when you get back to the hotel each night you can jot down notes about what you did that day, any ideas you had for a layout, places you visited, what you ate, who you saw, etc. If you are able to pick up brochures from the locations paper clip them to that page when you are done. Do the same with tickets. If you have smaller items that you don't want to lose paper clip one of your ziplocs to that page and that way you can put smaller items in there yet all the items are with your thoughts for that page.

Later, when you are home pull out your journal. You can match up pictures with events and you will be able to remember all the details and you will have all memorabilia right there.

Another tip:
The best part about digital photos? You can take as many as you want and worry about only developing the best. I recommend taking photos of signs and location info along your journey. You may not want to scrapbook a photo of the sign in front of the zoo, but when you are sitting scrapping, having that photo on your computer may be just what you need to remember the full name and location. Having a photo of a monument sign may be just what you need to recall interesting information to journal on your page.

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