Thursday, August 28

Get the most out of your vellum

One of my favorite things to use in my layouts is vellum. Getting it to work just right can prove to be a bit tricky. How do you get it to stay put and how do you keep ink from smearing all over it?

You can use tape or glue to adhere the vellum, but it will show through. I recommend using brads or eyelets instead. Even better is using a small amount of double sided tape that can be covered by the brad or eyelet. Whenever possible allow the vellum to overlap under another embellishment or even wrap around the back of the paper so that you can tape it down without fear of the tape showing.

Journaling on vellum is one of the best techniques in scrapbooking. You can run it through a printer, or use a pen. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a special smear proof pen like Vellum writers. They dry quicker and therefore smear less. When running through a printer it is recommended you set it to 'draft mode' so that less ink is transferred.

Other cool uses for vellum:

Print black and white photos right on heavyweight vellum.

Print quotes on vellum then layer over patterned paper.

Create water elements such as bubbles, ice or even shower curtains in your layouts.

Make keepsake envelopes for things you want to see in your layout, but tuck safely away. Here is a link to a great template.

Cover a blurry photo with vellum for an artsy look that makes the blur look intentional.


  1. Love vellum! I use it for journalling a lot. Thanks for sharing the tips!


  2. LOVE vellum, too. But you don't have to suffer with vellum smearing or taking too long to dry. treat it first with The Perfect Printing Pouch. Use with normal ink settings and it still dries in under 20 seconds.
    Google it for more info...

  3. Love vellum. too! But you don't have to suffer with smearing vellum anymore. just treat it first with The Perfect Printing Pouch. Dries the ink in under 20 seconds--and print w/ normal ink settings.


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