Sunday, August 31

Got cards?


Do you have a pile of holiday and birthday cards lying around? Here is a tip that will save you tons. I don't recommend using these to matte photos as you can never be sure if they are acid free. They will however make great embellishments. You can even treat the items if you really would like to make them acid free. Take a look at the front of that card before pitching it. These days the card companies are really making beautiful cards with glitter, 3D embellishments, funny cartoons and cool pattens. Can you use the colorful pattern on the card as a matte on a tag. Can you cut out the funny cartoon and use it as a thick diecut? What about that 3D element...can it be removed? I never throw my cards away without finding at least some part of the pattern that can be reused. My favorite thing to do is to use it on tags. All the small details really do well with being cropped just right.

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